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Gare Du Nord (Nord Station)

History of Paris
The Gare du Nord (Nord Station) is the most important train station in Europe in terms of travelers and the second in the world in terms of capacity of transportation with 190 million travelers per year!

At the cross road between France, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, the Nord Station is a central point for rail transportation in Western Europe.

The Hotel Parisiana 3* is very happy to offer calm and rest to the travelers before they can reach their final destination or want to stay in Paris.

Built in the end of the 19th century by the French architect Hittorff, the great façade of the Gare du Nord still impress the travelers who take time to admire it!

If you never stepped in the Gare du Nord, you can be sure you will do it one day or another, to go and ride the Eurostar, the Thalys or the Nord TGV… and you will have “Rendez-vous” with an almost 180 year old building!

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