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Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg, for nature in the heart of Paris

Make the most of your stay at the Hotel Parisiana to visit the Jardin du Luxembourg.

The gardens next to the Luxembourg Palace are filled with flowerbeds. One of our favorite features of the Luxembourg Garden is also located near the palace. Near the entrance there is a pond in a quiet place, sheltered by trees, with a large statue in an alcove at the end. This is the Medici Fountain and was built in 1624.

The Luxembourg Garden is very extensive and very sunny, although there are many trees planted on either side, making it easy to find shade. There are plenty of seats available, so if you are strolling along the Left Bank of Paris, perhaps spending the day walking from the Pantheon to the Eiffel Tower, and wondering where to eat your picnic, this is the place to be. The gardens also have a large playground for children.

Most of the seats are small chairs that can be taken and moved around in the shade or in small groups: this adds to the informal appeal of the Luxembourg Gardens compared to more traditional city parks and gardens.

The central part of the Luxembourg Garden is a long area of walks and paths with small borders, a large pond and a few rows of more formal trees and various statues. The garden is therefore an ideal place for me to sit in the shade, but it is less interesting for a gardening enthusiast, although the colour combinations used in the flowerbeds can be interesting.
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