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The Eiffel Tower

Discover the Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris and France in the world!

As a tourist attraction, the Tower attracts an average of 10,000 visitors a day, who have access to the three main levels, the highest reaching 275 meters. There are also two restaurants in the tower. If possible, we suggest that you visit the tower on very clear days, and about an hour before sunset.

The area under the tower, like the area in front of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, is always very busy and is one of the main centers of tourist activity in Paris.

Various options and prices are offered to visitors depending on whether you wish to go to the third highest level or only up to the second level, and whether you wish to go up to the second level on foot or by taking the elevator. The footbridge is less steep than you would expect because it zigzags between the legs of the tower. Access from the 2nd level to the 3rd level is by elevator only. There are queues at most stages of the process!

The Eiffel Tower is also open until late in the evening so that you can see Paris at night, and it is also brightly lit for a few minutes every hour after sunset.

Note that you can of course see the Eiffel Tower from many places in Paris, but the best views are from the other side of the Seine, just north of the tower, and from the terrace in front of the nearby Trocadero Center.

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